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Reflex - Cleveland State University
This logo was designed for an web-based program at Cleveland State University in which pre-service teachers reflected on their own student teaching experience. Wrapped into the name of this program, Reflex, are the the words "reflective," "exercise," and "flexible." The playful "e"--normally the "@" symbol--represents both "e"lectronic and "e"ducational. The finishing touch to this symbolism is the round shape circling the "e" which has been altered to imply an apple, the traditional symbol for the sentiments of a happy student toward a good teacher. Last, the "e" symbol is connected into the standard letters of the word 'reflex" in the same way that the technology-based techniques behind the website are tied into the pre-service teacher's self-reflection. All elements of this logo are clean, confident and shaped to be easily recognizable.



Reflex Logo



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